TESLA - Patterns of Success

Aktualisiert: 9. Nov 2020

How is it possible for you, for me and for any of thousands of resourceful companies to achieve a commanding and long-lasting competitive edge?

This article reflects my view of the evolution of TESLA compared to the Business Innovation Process we suggest for our customers and will derive useful consequences for the design of a sustainable growth process for any organization.

Warning ;-) : I have come to the conclusion, that TESLA is a generational company, a very rare company and I am invested in TESLA because looking forward I see a more than 20x growth within the next ten years. Please check my assumptions and let me know your thoughts. That way we may all learn from TESLA's evolution, failures and successes.

Primary sources: TESLA Impact-Report, HyperCharts, TeslaDaily, VISTEM

Let me present a short overview of a generic Business Innovation Process. When I write 'our company' I mean your company, my company, any company which wants to grow sustainably.

source: www.vistem.eu

  1. What is the purpose of existence for your company? Why would the world care?

  2. The "Value Proposition" establishes a great value your company will contribute to your