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Turningpoint: Theory of Constraints in the Public Sector

More benefits for citizens, more motivation in the teams -  without increasing staff or budget

18-19 November 2022

Public Sector TOC Event: Unser Profil

Demands and Expectations keep increasing for the public sector. Spoiled by Amazon and Co. processes cannot be fast enough anymore.

But budget and staff shortages prevent adaptation to the increased demand. Frequently changing laws and regulations, increasing demands of transparancy, and worldwide crises worsen the situation.

No wonder that in many places in the pubic sector frustration is high and motivation is low.

Many people may not care. We say: this matters to all of us!

Because an effective and efficient public sector stabilizes society and secures our life of prosperity, health and security. No mattter which political party is in power.

And, also often overlooked: in the public sector work people, not machines! And only people who are feeling well themselves, are able to do excellent work in service to others.

Many organizations in the public sector have increased staff. But often, the situation remained the same. Digitalization is repeatedly touted as the solution; but is the workload afterwards less or completed faster? Team building and coaching also help little in this situation.

Because the actual causes are often hidden (written or unwritten) rules and assumptions, which were based on good intentions, but today generate unnecessary extra work, conflicts and stress.

Finding and adjusting even just one of these outdated assumptions can have huge positive impact.

You no longer want to tread water, but finally get ahead? The following practical examples from various areas of the public sector show that it is possible to achieve much more with existing resources. 

Public Sector TOC Event: Projekte

More Impact with the same Budget

Examples from the US Public Sector

(Source: GOMB Success Framework Update Dec. 2020 via Kristen Cox)

COVID-19 Tests per day + 500%

Image by Mohammad Shahhosseini

A public sector laboratory increased its capacity from 180 to over 1900 tests evaluated per day (in an emergency up to 2,790 tests/day). At the same time, the cost per test evaluation dropped to less than half that of a private laboratory

Discharged on time + 185%

Image by Emiliano Bar

In the prison system, thanks to constraints management, early terminations due to good behavior were approved 185% more often, and those of inmates on release as much as 400% more often

Snow plow availability +10%


Within one year, snowplow availability was significantly increased, only by optimizing maintenance processes, without budget or personnel increase

Public Sector TOC Event: Dienstleistungen

Constraint Management

Public Sector TOC Event: Liste

Constraint Management works in the Public Sector!

As consultants in the private sector, we have experienced often enough that constraint management can reliably and fast bring large capacity gains - without requiring additional resources. And as a side-effect increases motivation and harmony in the team.

Even though "Constraints Management" (Theory of Constraints) originated in the production environment, the transfer from the manufacturing floor to the public sector works successfully.

Internationally, extensive experience has been gained on how Constraints Management can help achieve more in the public sector while saving stress and budget.

Our goal with this online conference

We want to establish the simple, logical and effective methods of Constraints Management in the Public Sector of the German-speaking countries in Europe, where our consultants are at home.

In this online conference we bring people together via moderated and free exchange:

  • International top experts in Constraints Management

  • Encouraging role models and best examples from practitioners in the public sector

  • People from the public sector in the German-speaking countries who are interested in the potential benefits of Constraints Management  for their areas of responsibility.

Turning Point:
Constraints Management in the Public Sector


More benefit for citizens, more motivation in the teams - without increasing staff or budget

Friday, November 18th 2022 2.00 p.m.-6.00 p.m.

International expert lectures and case studies (partly in English).

5.00 p.m.Keynote by Kristen Cox, the world's leading expert on applying Constraints Management in the Public Sector. 
2016 Public Official of the Year as Executive Director, Utah Office of Management and Budget.

Saturday, November 19th, 2022 10.00 a.m. - 1.00 p.m.

International expert lectures, practical exchange and open spaces for the co-creation of practical approaches for the special challenges of the German-speaking countries in Europe.

If you can't be there live, register anyway to get access to the recordings as well as follow-up workshops and webinars, some of which will be free for charge.

Public Sector TOC Event: Zeitplan

Speakers and Topics

Public Sector TOC Event: Dienstleistungen

Live! Friday 5 p.m.
Keynote: Topic to be decided [ENGLISH]

Kristen Cox

Leading global expert for Constraints Management in the public sector;

Public Official of the Year 2016 as Executive Director, Utah Office of Management and Budget


Keynote: Why manage constraints, anyway?
(GERMAN with Englisch subtitles)

Uwe Techt, CEO of VISTEM GmbH & Co. KG

Pioneer for Constraints Management in Germany, author of "Projects that Flow - More projects in less time"

Gijs Andrea.jpg

More patients, less work?!
How hospitals in Netherland do it [ENGLISH]

Gijs Andrea

FLOW Master @ Better Results Group


WIP Management in the Public Sector (GERMAN with English subtitles)

Wolf Steinbrecher

Expert for agile public services @commonsenseteam


How authorities make their mandate and tasks measurable: effective + efficient (GERMAN with English subtitels)

Guido Bacharach

Experte for Constraints Management and Digitization in Higher Education

Eli Schragenheim - explaining.jpg

Struggling with chronic conflicts? The criticality of clearly defining the Goal and its measurements for any Public Sector Organization. [ENGLISH]

Eli Schragenheim

Constraints Mangement expert from the very beginning and co-developer of the Theory of Constraints

Klaus Schenck_edited.jpg

How do we get people on board?
With metaphors and stories! (GERMAN with English subtitles) 

Dr. Klaus Schenck

Expert for communication, change and projects

Gijs Andrea.jpg

The Service Factory: Don’t be Efficient, Be Effective!

Gijs Andrea

Flow Master @Better Results Group


The German hydrogen strategy: Why is it important to consider capacities systemically? (GERMAN with English subtitles)

Kai Neumann

Expert for sustainibility, network thinking and systems modelling


Understanding and solving conflicts between stakeholder groups (GERMAN with English subtitles)

Mag. Hannah Nowak

Expert for sustainable FLOW und Win-Win-solutions

Veronika Levesque.jpeg

Ask the Expert:
How can the interface between adminstration and politics become a lever for more impact? (Example Switzerland)

Veronika Lévesque

Expert for unplannable and artful change in administration


Ask the Expert: Software Solutions for Constraints Management

Ad Vermeulen

Business Development Director @A-dato Scheduling Technology B.V.

Franz Nowak

Co-Founder and Director of Operations @VISTEM

Participation Fees

Live participation in the online conference, including access to the recordings
(incl. 19% VAT)

399 €

Supporter: Thank you for your valuable contribution to this initiative!

39 €

Special price for employees in the public sector


Early Bird: Exclusively for public sector employees in leadership positions, limited to 50 registrations!

Public Sector TOC Event: Preisliste
Public Sector TOC Event: Pro Gallery

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Public Sector TOC Event: Projekte
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